British History

Series:Brief Histories

The British did not take to water like ducks, for centuries doing little but cling to coastal waters. The Romans and Vikings knocked spots of us as seamen, and the English upper classes saw seafaring as mercantile and beneath them. Britain's succ... read more

A Brief History of History of British Sea Power


 Mountains, Poles, and Oceans

In 1911 the world was watching, waiting, hoping, attention focused on a desolate spot at the very end of the earth, as two men raced to conquer the South Pole. A hundred years after Roald Amundsen's triumph and Robert Scott's tragic demise, our fascinatio... read more

In Search of the South Pole

The first-ever illustrated account of Captain James Cook's epic eighteenth-century voyages, complete with excerpts from his vivid journals. This is history's greatest adventure story. In 1766, t... read more

The Voyages of Captain James Cook : The Illustrated Accounts of Three Epic Pacific Voyages